Decided to form a band and create some of the most darkened, hard-hitting, and Energetic Straightforward Indonesian Death Metal on the scene. come from Small Blitar City, East Java. SAVAGE HARVEST come decided to give the scene just what it needed. Something that captured the genuine chaos and anger that death metal was always hyped up to be. With their upcoming first album breakthrough entitled " Ignore the Truth ", band succeeded, and created an absolutely chaotic, brutal, and dark atmosphere well-written Straight Death Metal material. Musically, the album is much more Intense than before, as well as much rawer and faster. That being said, it does not sound like a completely different band; it's still unmistakably Savage Harvest, just a more insane ! Especially fans from mixture in the vein Old Kataklysm, Morbid Angel, Morta Skuld and Brutality.